It started as I was scanning my library one morning, flooded with memories and books I forgot all about, books I read few times and always enjoyed rereading them. Daddy Long-Legs by Jean Webster is one of them for sure. As I started going through the pages I decided I was going to illustrate a 100 days project based on that book alone. My 100 days project became 100 days with Jerusha Abbott.
Jerusha (if you haven't heard of her) has spent all her life in an orphanage. At the age of seventeen she was sent to college by a generous man whom she refers to as ‘Daddy Long Legs’ and to who she writes all these lovely letters. 
Everyday I drew one of her letters, every day I found myself inspired by her humor and optimism, every day I got excited with her about all the new stuff she experienced. She wrote about her studies, about buying clothes or books and about having a room of your own after sharing your days (all-day-long) with 20 other kids. She reminded me to appreciate small daily moments, in her fresh eyes they seem grand and special. She filled my heart with gratitude and joy!