Daddy Long-Legs by Jean Webster
So - how did I find myself spending 100 days with Jerusha Abbott?
A new illustration contract motivated me to join a 100 days project on instagram, I thought it was a fun way to practice and expand my children’s books portfolio. As my subject I chose the book Daddy Long-Legs by Jean Webster and started my 100 days with Jerusha Abbott. 
Every evening I drew one of her letters, every evening I found myself inspired by her humor and optimism. I got excited with her about all the new stuff she experienced, “Dear Daddy, did you ever hear of Michael Angelo?!” She reminded me to appreciate small daily moments we take for granted, in her fresh eyes they seemed special. She filled my heart with gratitude and joy!
Since the book is a mail correspondence I inserted many postal elements into the illustration - Hand writing, stamps and postmarks. I chose to represent rich daddy-long-legs anonymous figure with a pattern of white stripes over blue background - just like an expensive suit. Even at the ending of the book, when we findout who daddy is I still did’nt draw his face and kept the mystery going.
I hope you’ll find this project fun and interesting, I surly enjoyed drawing it and chose to share it with you before I forget all about Jerusha (maybe until I’ll  have a grandougter).