Dalit Pessach artis
1. My name is Dalit Pessach, I am an illustrator and designer and the owner of Dio-olamot design studio that operates from our home. Home is wherever I can create with people I love and just be me  2. Painting and art are passions of mine since childhood 3. Hebrew is my native language although I write my blog VIC in english 4. My iPad wall paper is a photo of Claudio and me. Claudio is my partner in business and life. My iPad is always with me. I digitally draw on it and love listening to podcasts on various subjects when I paint or when I cook 5. We have 2 grown children 6. I love the smell of coffee, I love taking a few coffee breaks along my day 7. Books, books and more books! Although I am a designer, I would be happy if all books had blank covers 8. I'm a romantic, wild flowers, and gardens excite me  9. I’m drawn to old photographs and childhood memories 10. I’m always cold, and must have a warm shawl nearby 11. I recharge at a little house in south Crete. There, on the beach I collect the most beautiful stones 12. The color white calms me, I prefer white towels, white sheets, white T-shirts 13. I screen print on used fabrics, bedsheets, table covers or clothes (preferably white), and I love photographing them as they hang to dry. I find their movement enchanting 14. I love creating color palettes of things I see around me 15. A full cookie jar gives me a homey feeling and reminds me of my grandmother Fira 16. Rooms that have been lived in and time-aged objects call me on to tell their stories 17. Avocado is one of my favourite fruits 18. I enjoy home-made food and slow living 19. I don't care for sets, I love unique beautiful dishes 20. After all I've revealed here, I am still a very private (even a little shy) person